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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sorry for the blog neglect

Well to start wanted to apologize for the blog neglect. It has been a long trying few months but the blog and creating had to take the back seat. I have had to take one of my children to the psyciatric hospital to specialist to specialist to well I think you all get the picture. After all the tests evaluations and all that razmataz what the school thought was aspergers syndrome is not and it is tourette syndrome plus. It has been very challenging, STRESSFUL, lots of counseling and research and more research, but we finally got a diagnosis... Which I am happy about, at least we now know what is going on.... Still hasn't sunk in. Very confusing.... Don't know weither I am coming or going.. LOL..... Trying to get my head on straight......... No enthusiasm to create or scrapbook....... Well, I will try and get something done here soon for all you wonderful peeps... Take care... xoxoxoxoxo