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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hello everyone, I just wanted to take a few minutes and post something. It isn't a freebie.. I will not be posting anything after today for about a week. On Christmas Day we got a phone call my Dear Husbands oldest brother past away. So needless to say to some extent our Christmas was ok. I wanted to share this poem that my husband wrote about his brother for his memorial. His brother was diagnosed with brain tumor and mass on his lung in early October this year. he decided to try radiation and chemotherapy. My husbands birthday was in November and 10 days before his birthday his oldest brother Dan called and said; Randy, I am on my way to Idaho. I can only spend one night. The family was estatic about him coming over even for one night from California. He said; I want to see you before your Birthday. Once he got here, we all talked, play pool, laughed , giggled and cried. My husband was really close with Dan. The other siblings, he's not close with at all. Dan has two boys, the oldest boy David took really good care of his dad and his short term battle with the tumors and cancer of the lung. Unfortunately the youngest boy was so scared that he couldn't be around his dad. Which is a shame, but understanding. When the next morning came, I fixed breakfast, we ate and chatted somemore. By the time he had to get back on the road back to California, he didn't want to go. So scared and rightfully so. It was hard saying goodbye. Rest In Peace Our Dear Brother Dan, You will truely be missed.

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